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Hey there, thanks for checking out Hops & Garters! Haley and Bailey here. We started this site because we figured we were already drinking the beer so we may as well write about it. We met our freshman year of college at UNC and have been enjoying drinking together ever since. We definitely started from the bottom (ahem PBR and Burnett's) and once upon a time neither of us thought we even liked beer. We now reside on opposite sides of the country so our pain is a win for you as we review east and west coast breweries and everything in between. Now we may be beer snobs, but we are in no way beer experts. We hope to offer a new type of beer blog for those just getting into craft beer or just those who just need something to pass the time at work. We aren't experts at beer reviews, but we do consider ourselves professional drinkers so there's at least that.

Here’s a little more about each of us in case you’re interested:




This is Haley. She loves sours, barrel-aged, tripels, and of course good old IPAs. Basically anything unique with a high alcohol content is her forte. She’s also into dancing awkwardly at concerts and being too loud for her own good. She can usually be found by following the trail of spilled beer or the loud political conversations she's having in the bar. A word of warning, no matter how many beers, she has a super-quick wit and razor sharp comebacks. It’s best to avoid any arguments. She now lives in Seattle and is in her second year of law school focusing on international human rights and let's face it mostly to broaden her beer drinking options. 

Bailey over here enjoys her beer like herself with extra bitter hops and weird attributes. Some of her favorites include Foothills Hoppyum and Wicked Weed’s Freak of Nature. She has also been known to go on rants about psychological disorders pretty much anytime she has a pint in hand. She is constantly cold, but that never stops her from wanting a cold beer. Besides, she has a huge heart to keep her warm. Bailey is finishing up her undergrad degree at UNC and plans to continue on with pediatric physical therapy for grad school.

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