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November 5, 2017

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The Myth of Bar Snacks: Why I have trust issues

January 5, 2017

When you stumbled upon this blog I bet you weren’t expecting an article that delved into psychological issues but here we are. Before you give up on this post and hit the back button just hear me out. I am only (half) joking and (somewhat) exaggerating. Now that I’ve warned you…let us begin.


I have been known to approach new situations with skepticism. In short, I have trust issues. Yes, there are probably many contributing factors to my current disposition but I like to blame the myth of bar snacks as the true culprit. Or at least free bar snacks. From the time I can recall watching programs that featured bars (which was quite early as my father enjoyed watching Cheers), snacks were always a stable feature of the experience. This usually came in the form of peanuts but pretzels got their fair share of airtime as well. Now that I’ve made it a few years past 21 and visited a good amount of bars I have come to realize…this…is…a…lie. (I always imagine this in the Dolores Umbridge voice)


Bars do not have bowls of nuts just gloriously awaiting you. (Please keep the hygiene issues of this to yourself). Really, I get the no nuts thing. I’m a college student, I have no money, and nuts are expensive, though you did just charge me $7 for my beer. But, I think we can find a compromise here. I suppose I should have started by stating that I love snacks. My mother has complained about it for years. I have been dubbed a “grazer” because I would rather eat small meals rather than three large ones. But, back to the point here. Not only are snacks my preference, they are also a necessity when I am drinking. I have a smaller frame, but I enjoy drinking. This sometimes creates a predicament where I end up feeling buzzed after one high abv beer. How do I solve this? Snacks. Really, they can only help the situation. I end up less drunk and therefore can order more beer aka give more money to the bar. Otherwise, I might just end up drunk and break out my Gollum impersonation and I’m pretty sure that Haley is the only one that enjoys that. And that’s only because she’s my best friend and has become accustomed to my weirdness. Plus, her own weirdness seems to diminish when she is sharing a booth with Gollum.


Now, I will say that I have stumbled upon a couple places that give out free popcorn. These places hold a special place in my heart (old bay popcorn for the win). If these establishments can do it and still turn a profit, why not others? Or at least provide a small snack menu for a small fee? I realize that in today’s world I can bring my own snacks to most breweries but you know? Sometimes I don’t want to plan or organize. I want to have an impromptu trip to the bar/brewery without packing first. And, I like the idea of stumbling upon a new place and discovering some new options for snacks. Or I’d be happy with my go to (pretzels) as well. Basically the point here is I want to start a trend…free snacks for all!


P.S. I realize this all a bit over-dramatic and I’ve ended up ranting again. But sometimes, I just can’t help it. Thanks for reading. Please share any of your favorite drinking snacks with me as I am always on the lookout. I hope there are a few others that relate on this issue…if not I’ll just chalk it up as another one of my “quirks”.


 (me when I bring my own snacks)


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