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Stone Arrogant Bastard

January 11, 2017

Ah this beer reminds me of an ex-boyfriend. Not just because the name, but because of what it attempts to do and fails at. I can support that when this beer first came out it was not a craft beer world. We were still very much in the midst of those watered down, disgusting tasting (and smelling) beers that will remain unnamed.


This pours a dark amber with off white foam that lingers and as an American strong ale you can taste the hops and the malts well. At 7.2% it also boasts a higher abv than many would have been used to in the 1990s. Still despite well balanced hops and malts and a slight hint of caramel, this beer is seriously lacking complexity. Though a bit heavier than those it’s marketing against there isn’t much to this beer. I know people are fans of this beer and I could definitely see it as a gateway beer to other craft beers, but overall I was severely disappointed.




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