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November 28, 2017

November 5, 2017

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Banger Brewing

November 5, 2017

Located just far enough from the Strip is this offbeat brewery with lots of great brews. We drank a flight and tried a couple of other beers after and were unanimous in that everything that had was above average. Most breweries I go to have at least a couple average beers, but I was surprisingly happy with every beer I tried at Banger. Plus they have board games you can play and every bartender we encountered was super friendly. That's enough to bring me back again and again. If you're planning a trip to Vegas I highly suggest you take a break from the strip and check out Banger Brewing in Fremont.

Pictured from left to right:


Gary D'Weet - This hefeweizen was light and refreshing, but had more body to it than many hefes. The Belgian yeast and American wheat are extremely well-balanced. At 5.3% ABV it is also a respectable amount of alcohol while still being low enough to partake in a couple. 


Morning Joe – Ahh Coffee Kolschs! I’m a huge coffee drinker so I love when two of my favorite beverages come together. (It’s just good time management) Of course, most people think of coffee beers as dark and heavy porters or stouts, so when a brewer does a lighter coffee beer well I get very excited. This Kolsch was delicious! It was light and smooth, but still had a decent amount of coffee, caramel, and hazelnut present. Still, it wasn’t too sweet and I definitely would have enjoyed a pint or two of it. At 5.5% it’s perfectly acceptable to drink one of these with breakfast. (Right?!?)


El Heffe – Anytime there’s any sort of pepper beer I drink it. More often than not I’m disappointed. A lot of breweries boast pepper beers for something unique and I think they fall short and often there is little pepper flavor and rarely any spice. I want a kick in my beer, okay?! This Jalapeno Hefe did not disappoint. It wasn’t too spicy, but did provide a nice finish with a bit of spice. More importantly, you can actually taste the mix of peppers as you sip this 5.2% beer.


Hop Bang Boom – If you’re an avid reader of our blog (Hey Mom!) then you know we both love IPAs so of course I had to try out Banger’s imperial IPA. At 7.7% it means you can drink one and still remember what your second drink tastes like so that’s (usually) a good thing. With a floral and citrus nose, I was impressed with the balanced hop and malt profile of this beer. We all know I love me some bitter hops and while this won’t make your mouth pucker it still has enough hops to put a smile on my face and that’s really why I drink beer.


So, I guess it goes without saying that I’m really glad I tried this place out. I foresee more trips to Nevada in my future. If you have any other brewery suggestions, let me know!